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Are You in Arrears with Your Business Rates and Expecting a Visit from a Bailiff? Don’t panic, we can help!

Running a business has proven to be even more challenging than before in most recent times in the aftermath of the damaging worldwide recession. Shops have been forced to close with small businesses coming under considerable strain as consumers have cut back on spending. A reduction in disposable income has affected companies of all sizes, but there are still many that are struggling to make a profit and are in serious debt. A turnaround for the better can seem like an unrealistic prospect and threats of bailiff action do not help at all.

When demanding urgent payments or further action it feels like they are sticking the boot in. You will already have enough on your plate if business is slowing and costs are rising. Business rates paid to the council may become unaffordable as costs stack up. The enjoyment and independence gained from owning your own business can quickly disappear. Instead, people start to grow more and more anxious about their future. Bailiff’s actions make an already painful situation that much worse. Their tactics can be aggressive and they are renowned for lacking sympathy by attempting to get your money as soon as they can.

Legislation can prevent bailiff action by remitting your business rate arrears. Under section 49 of the Local Government Finance Act there are two ways councils may remit some of all of the charge. However, this is pretty unlikely. You must provide proof of troubling effects for the local community or your own potential hardship after paying the business rates in full. To discover whether you qualify for this remit or not please contact a member of our Council Tax Advisors team. Even if you are unable to get a reduction we will give you much-needed free support.

Enforcement agents or bailiffs will be instructed by the council to visit your property in order to collect any money you owe. Although they may seem in control, you are. It is not unlawful to prevent them from entering your property unless they have a valid court order. Call us for free to get free and substantial advice on combating the threat of bailiffs. If you’re struggling to pay your business rate arrears then it is imperative that you contact specialist debt advisors like our credible CTACIC team.

Running your own business can be stressful enough without the prospect of bailiffs turning up at your door, so contact us as soon as you need support. We are free and are only motivated by easing the burden of debt on our customers’ shoulders. We handle enforcement agents for whoever wants our help and this helps business owners focus on their company rather than being distracted by potential bailiff action. As with any kind of debt, we are committed to helping resolve problems with business rate arrears without monetary gain. To regain control of your finances please do not hesitate in calling us today.

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