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Man 14

I would like to express my utmost and sincere gratitude for your incredibly hard work and the speed with which you carried out negotiations with my local council/Baliff. I can honestly say I have never in all of my years experienced such a polite, concise and speedy service in absolutely anything I have encountered. I would like to especially mention Stuart Cox who was the gentleman I spoke with. He literally was in contact by phone and by email everyday and the whole thing was dealt with in three days (Would have been two if I had not sent the wrong type document). Thank you so much and I categorically WILL be recommending you from here on out.

Ian B

Man 15

I was being placed under alot of pressure from enforcement agents regarding council tax arrears and although Jacobs enforcement agents were offered a substantial amount of money as repayment they were not willing to except and continued with threats, in stepped the council tax advisors, After a short and extremely easy process of speaking to a very friendly and patient advisor they obtained some details from me and proceeded to tackle the enforcement agents with my offer, within days of me contacting the council tax advisors they had resolved my issue and were able to stop all enforcement action against me. Council tax advisors I salute you for your professional and quick response would definitely recommend the council tax advisors.


Lady 14

I would like to thank edward mcintyre and everyone at council tax advisers for there efforts in helping stop bailiffs visiting my home and putting in place an affordable repayment plan …… this is a great service that acts fast and staff are caring



Man 15

I fell behind with my council tax payments and soon found myself dealing with the unreasonable demands of unsympathetic bailiffs. The situation became so stressful that I buried my head in the sand and simply refused to answer the door. Then I contacted Council Tax Advisors. Straightaway I felt like a huge weight had been lifted from my shoulders. Council Tax Advisors offered me valuable advise and immediately began negotiating with the council and enforcement agents on my behalf. An affordable agreement was soon reached and all action against me was stopped. I’d like to thank Council Tax Advisors for all their hard work on my behalf. Their conduct has been sympathetic and professional throughout the whole experience, and I would highly recommend their services to anyone who finds themselves in a similar situation. Please feel free to post this testimonial on your Web page and use my name if required. I thank you once again for all the help and hard work you have done.


Lady 18

I approached COUNCIL TAX ADVISORS because my clients/tenants were struggling with bailiff action caused by crippling council tax demands COUNCL TAX ADVIORS helped by dealing with my clients directly giving them sound advice and guidance on how to deal with bailiffs etc. I found referring quick and easy I would recommend COUNCIL TAX ADVISORS to people who need assistance with bailiff action, council tax arrears and debt

Tracy, Halford Housing

Man 16

I would like to thank council tax advisors for all there valuable help. Within a week or so of completing the form I returned my case was resolved. We are so happy now and I no I myself could not of got a end to this as swift as you made it. Many many thanks.



Old man 2

Council tax advisers were professional, efficient and sorted everything out. When I felt I had no one to turn too, im glad I found this company!



Lady 4

CTA were extremely helpful and negotiated on my behalf with the bailiffs and got my monthly payments down from £60 per month to £5 per month, a much more affordable and realistic amount for me to pay. I’m am so grateful and definitely recommend them. Many thanks for your help once again, I will be making a donation shortly.

Fiona Bain

Lady 5

I have recently had involvement with council tax advisors and I have to say how much they helped me in particular, Steven Rule and Katie Kearney and what an excellent service they have offered

Kathryn Bennett


Lady 6

I found out about council tax advisors online and decided to contact them, because i was in arrears with my council tax that had been given over to debt collectors. I was so worried and it was a weight on my shoulders as i could not afford the full amount they were asking me to pay but council tax advisors dealt with everything with my permission. They put the bailiffs on hold for 28 days and within that time worked on the debt collectors to come to a payment agreement. I am very pleased and grateful to them for all their help and support, i can now start making payments that i can afford.


I contacted Council Tax Advisors after exhausting all other avenues.The debt went back ten years and although some had been paid off, there was some confusion over other years owed.The council were very difficult to deal with, there solicitors even more so. There accounts were not accurate and payments had been missed or put into ‘different accounts’, which made there accounting difficult to follow.

With the help and persistence from Council Tax Advisors, which is a must, even though the process was long and arduous the final bill was approximately £3400.00 less that the original demand.

I strongly belief having CTA work on your behalf will give weight to your case.


Man 5

Long story, short, council tax arrears from years ago, hence enforcement letters. I am severely disabled and began to panic, I phoned the advisors and had a call back within 12hrs, after explaining my desperation the process of there help started, I was allocated an advisor who was on the end of the phone and also an emendate response to emails. My issues were resolved within 5 days and I cannot express enough how thankfull I am to Machaela for her empathy and help.


Young man 2

I just wanna say thank you to everyone that worked really hard to solve this case especially steven. HE was always keeping me update withe whats going on. Am so lucky to have you people here.



Lady 7

As a young single mother receiving letters from bailiffs wanting money I could never afford I was honestly terrified. Council Tax advisors have been so friendly, understanding and extremely helpful. Without their help I would still be having sleepless nights. They arranged on my behalf a payment plan I can afford

R Hughes

Old man 5

I would like to say I found the service to not only excellent but the helpfulness and speed it was done at was fantastic. I was also delighted with the manner in which I was kept updated with the situation and in general I couldn’t be happier with the help I received. Yours thankfully

Garry Cowan

Man 13

Thank you for helping us in our time of need. Please find your attached Testimonial.
I would definitely donate to you in the future, should your clients donate to you to.

Mr M Ifthikar


Man 7

We would just like to say a big thank you for your help and support over these last few months. If it wasn’t for your company we would have still been struggling to get any result with the issues we had with phoenix.



Young lady 3

Big thank you to council tax advisors,you saved my life,amazing help,my mind was put at rest straight away,I have my life back,can finally breath,very professional and reassuring.What an amazing service that not many know about, A big thank you to Steve rule, Thank you for your work, brilliant…

Claire S

Man 3

I would like to say a massive thank you to everybody at council tax advisors without your help and support I still wouldn’t be able to sleep at night and would be living in constant fear of a knock at the door.

C. Cooper


Lady 10

I had missed one month payment from my council tax and everything went wrong very quickly. By some stroke of luck, I found council tax advisors online and gave them a quick call thinking I was going to get the usual run of the mill advise that I can get online anyway, but was I wrong!!! from the moment I called them, I was assured and given peace of mind. As busy as they were, they called me the same day and made me realize how powerless the bailiffs were and how they can help. I sent all the details to them and even though I was told it could take a while, I received a letter within days from the bailiffs that they have accepted my payment plan. all through this I was updated by text messages and emails and I had relief. The bailiffs can threaten you if they feel you don’t know your right and they can be quite menacing, but council tax advisors helped me to see straight through that and I am now paying less than what I originally offered them.

I urge anyone that has a council tax issue to give them a try you will not regret it and I also feel that the work that council tax advisors do is not recognised enough, they deserve a national award.
Thank you, thank you thank you!
Keep up the good work.

Deborah (Birmingham)

Man 9

I am very happy with the service provided, very professional all the way
with constant communication every at every stage of the process to make
sure i am happy with the resolution, i can now stay on top of my bills and
have a sound sleep without worrying about Bailiffs. Thank you very much.

B. Mensah

Couple 3

Thank you so much for all your assistance in resolving our issues between our local Council and Jacobs Enforcement. When we contacted you, we were at our wit’s end, frantically trying to find a solution as not only did the bailiff visit our place of business to try to enforce his warrant, but he was verbally aggressive and very intimidating. The moment we contacted yourselves, we immediately felt that someone was on our side, your advisors were reassuring and sympathetic, and not only ascertained that the bailiff was not entitled to visit our business or seize our goods there, but also enabled us to come to a mutually acceptable agreement with the council.

I would highly recommend that anyone in a similar situation should contact you, it is incredible that you have helped us this much with no fee. You have honestly helped us to change our situation, and I no longer feel as though I am constantly looking over my shoulder any more. You have given me back my ability to sleep at night too. I can’t thank you enough.

Nigel and Kay Downham

Man 10


Having built up a large CT debt on vacant investment property I had enlisted the help of Council Tax Advisors.

Their professionalism had impressed me right from my initial contact with them especially with Stuart Cox. They had agreed the sort of payment plan that I had been seeking over an 18 month period. Very happy indeed! Infact, it was a great sense of relief being able to spread the liability and creating affordable monthly instalments.

Well done to the designated account handler and Stuart Cox / Gurkamal Gill was the assigned handler for this case

Adam Qureshi

Lady 10

Council Tax Advisors have been most helpful.
Steven Rule thank you for all your help ! Most efficient.
Action has been taken straight away , and help was at my hand within a couple of hours of my e mail to Council Tax Advisors asking for help. Thank you so much for everything.


Lady 11

Council Tax Advisors have been wonderful. They did all the communication on my behalf between my council & the debt collectors. This certainty took the stress off me & put a stop to being harassed by the debt collectors constantly. An agreement was made which I feel happy with. Thank you Council Tax Advisors. Yours thankfully


Young man 4

Many thanks to Council Tax Advisors and especially Steven Rule for managing to sort out my council tax problem. The Enforcement agent turned up at my house on Thursday with some paperwork as I was not at home he rang me saying I must get back or he would force entry. At this point I told him to wait five minutes and I will call him back, this is when I rang council tax advisors. Who told me what to do and rang the agent on my behalf within 30 minutes the agent had left. Steven than got on the case and managed to set up an affordable payment plan. Thanks to Council Tax Advisors they have taken all the stress and pressure of the situation away. Majority of people want to pay their council tax and only because of unforeseen circumstances they get into arrears this is when these bailiff companies like to take advantage to line their own pockets now we have Council Tax Advisors to help those in need I cannot really put into words how grateful I am. THANK YOU AGAIN

M Ali

Old man 4

To Whom it may concern,

I recently contacted yourselves to ask for help with my council tax arrears payments and a bailiff called ‘Jacobs’.

I do not know a lot about how to deal with such people and it took a lot of the horrible stress away being able to talk to sympathetic, friendly people who essentially told me not to worry and it would all be ok. As big and ugly as i am, that still made a huge difference to how i felt and the atmosphere in our house changed overnight – that alone was worth so much to us.

After a couple of weeks since we first made contact we have had excellent communication and even more friendly help and advice and our first payment has just been made in accordance. We will now easily be able to manage what we have left to pay and our lives have not been turned upside down, for which we owe you huge thanks.

My case was dealt with by Amanda Wingrave who was not only incredibly pleasant to talk to but also very professional and quite obviously highly committed to her job which she did absolutely perfectly. I could not have wished for better help and i am sure that whatever role Amanda takes on in the future, she will excel in; Amanda sounds as if she is a valued asset to your company and i would like to say that if she isn’t, she should be !

Very well done and sincere thanks,

Andrew Johnston

Lady 18

Before speaking to Council Tax Advisors I was in a desperate situation, I had bailiffs knocking, calling and sending me text messages demanding money. I felt very intimidated, I had no way to get their money and they gave me no options but to pay in full, I was very scared with 2 young children in the house the last thing I wanted was people I don’t know forcing their way into my home and taking our things!

I found Council Tax Advisors’s website on-line and called straight away, in floods on tears I was reassured by caring staff that everything would be OK, they were not able to do the things they were threatening me with. She gave me some advice and offered Council Tax Advisors’s service to resolve the issue for me! Within a couple of weeks thanks to Council Tax Advisors I have a payment plan in place, unnecessary fees removed and I can actually open my front door without being terrified it’s a bailiff!

I am so happy and would absolutely recommend Council Tax Advisors to anyone who is in the same situation I was. Now all my debt worries are gone, thank you Council Tax Advisors so much for your help and especially to Sarah Deegan and Amanda Wingrave, you dealt with this so well and helped me so much. Thank you.


Man 16

I write to thank you so much for your excellent advice and to let you know that Hounslow council have today confirmed that they have called off their pet Rottweiler’s, aka bailiffs, and are prepared to accept a monthly payment offer.

Truly I couldn’t have achieved this result without you. Your sympathetic ear and shrewd concise advice was exactly what I needed. You assured me of my legal rights. It gave me the confidence and wherewithal to stand up to the overwhelming pressure of being scared about a knock on the door. At last, I knew how to handle the situation.

Thank you so much, Amanda. I hope not to require your advice again….
With the best wishes,


Lady 6

I would like to thank Council Tax Advisors.. For all the help and support I was given in helping me sort out my council tax . I have a peace of mind knowing at the end of the phone there is help and understanding . I now have a payment plan in place which I can cope with and no bailiff at my door ..so I would like to thank to Lisa and Amanda for all the help. Keep up the good work and thanks for my peace of mind.


Old man 5

I had fallen behind with my Council Tax payments and received a visit, from Bristow & Sutor Bailiffs, working for Herefordshire City Council, they came in made walk in possession order, a note of my medical conditions and ordered me to pay £10 p/w out of a total income of £71 p/w. After falling behind, with these payment i had the bailiffs return with a white van saying they had come to take my goods. I let them in, he checked his Walk in Order and asked how many people live in the household and age i told him 2 adults, he said they would empty the front room leaving a two seater sofa. He said he would be back in within 2 hours with another van as there was not enough room in the van outside. I did a quick Google search, when they left and found Council Tax Advisors, without reading the website i went straight to their contact page and rang them. Very upset i spoke to, Steve he calmed me down, then asked me a few questions about my income, medical condition, which Council i was under and the name of the bailiffs., and not to worry, and he would call me back in 15 minutes.

He kept to his word and called back, unbeknown to me, and made aware to me by Council Tax Advisors, HCC with Bristow & Sutor were charging me too much, due to me being unemployed and on anti-depressants, thus a vulnerable person, hence their actions were deemed illegal. He had spoken to Head of Revenues at HCC, and the Walk in Possession order was now in ashes, and no further contact with the bailiffs would be necessary. He gave me his direct line number to contact anytime if i needed his help.

I cannot thank the Council Tax Advisors enough for their quick response in dealing with this matter with a very professional approach, yet also feeling like, it was like a tap on the back from a friend with a “don’t worry we will sort it attitude”. I would urge anyone with need for help or advice on your Council Tax to contact Council Tax Advisors as soon as possible, it can be a minefield if you don’t know specific laws that may help you, and as Council Tax Advisors deal with just Council Tax what better company to seek help from. I would be quite happy for Council Tax Advisors to give my mobile to anyone, to authenticate this testimonial.

RL Hereford

Lady 14

I called Council Tax Advisors (Council Tax Advisors Ltd) after a very distressing call from my mother saying that she had the bailiffs down who had tricked her into signing some papers! (levying her goods).

My mother who cannot speak, read or write English was in floods of tears. I tried, along with my brother to come to some sort of arrangement with Birmingham City Council and the bailiffs to stop this action but to no avail. We were put through this department and that, and no matter how we tried to explain her vulnerable status, it made no difference.

After ringing numerous companies I came across Council Tax Advisors who helped straight away. Chris calmed me down and reassured me immediately. From the very first call, after a small fee, Chris took full control of the situation. Chris made me aware of all my mother’s rights and was so understanding. No matter how silly my queries were or what time of day it was, Chris was there at the other end of the phone for assistance and help.

We had many aggressive and threatening calls from the bailiffs throughout the process. I cannot thank Chris and his team enough for all their help and services. Thanks to Chris my mother has retained all her goods and now is in talks with the council to arrange a payment plan.
I would highly recommend this company for anyone who is having problems with council tax and the bailiffs.

Chris and Steve were so dedicated to my mother’s case and are highly professional At what they do. My mother’s case was handled with such dedication and care. Me and my family cannot thank Chris and Steve enough for helping us through such a terrifying experience and time.
Just call them yourself and see…. We were put first, and so will u!

My email details are available from Chris should you wish to contact me. Many thanks again guys, great work!


Young man 4

I feel compelled to write to express my, and my family’s, sincere thanks for your efforts on our behalf. I had fallen behind with my council tax payments and the bailiffs were due on 11 July, to remove belongings from my property. I contacted Steve on the afternoon of the 10th and explained the situation regarding my daughter’s medical problems and the cost of treatment we had incurred. Steve immediately confirmed the course of action he would take and assured me that I had no need to worry. We exchanged e mails during that evening, the last one I received was timed at 22.11 and the next one was timed at 5.58 on the following morning. That alone speaks volumes about his dedication to his clients.

Steve then e-mailed the council at 6.50 with a very comprehensive explanation of their, and their bailiffs, responsibilities. He then spoke to the council at 9.00 to ask that the issue be brought back in-house. They agreed that it would, and advised that I “must not let their bailiff in.”
The bailiff then contacted me and threatened to enter the property. Once again a quick telephone call to Steve reassured me that all I had to do was pass a letter through the letter box, and that it would then be the bailiff’s responsibility to inform the council of its content.
Despite aggressive phone calls from the bailiff, he did not appear.

We have retained our possessions and have peace of mind. I cannot recommend Council Tax Advisors highly enough.


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