We help you set up affordable sustainable repayment plans with your Council

An affordable solution for 9 out of 10 Council Tax advisor clients

The vast majority of clients who contact Council Tax Advisors have arrears that have been passed to a Bailiff Enforcement Agent for collection with the most common complaint being that what the agents are demanding in repayment is simply unaffordable and unsustainable.

One of our agents offers a service whereby we will mediate on your behalf to broker an affordable, sustainable repayment plan. This may be directly with the Enforcement Agent on your behalf or with your Local Authority, either way we pride ourselves on arranging repayment plans that result in the debt being cleared as quickly as possible whilst remaining affordable

The process is straightforward from start to finish.


You may make an application for assistance and our agents will contact you. Following this, they will conduct a Financial Health Check with you to ensure that the correct solutions for your situation are offered to you. The solution you choose is up-to-you entirely.


Once we have agreed with you the best solution for the situation you face, which in 90% of the cases we deal with is an ‘Affordable Repayment Plan’ (ARP), we will then send you documentation that you are required to complete and return so we have the legal authority to act on your behalf.


Your case is then passed to our case handling team who will liaise with your Local Council and their appointed Bailiff Enforcement agent to discuss your situation and agree a repayment plan that works for all parties.


Once we have a resolution we will contact you to inform you as such and, in any case you will be kept informed by email and text message thought out the process.

“Thank you Council Tax Advisors. You have all been so sympathetic, helpful, extremely efficient and have got a result!” Shashta

Local Council / Bailiff Enforcement Agent Repayment Plans

Once a repayment plan has been agreed for you, you will be instructed to pay either your Council directly or the Bailiff Enforcement Agency. However, if we set an affordable repayment plan with the Enforcement Agency, so long as you keep up your repayments you will not receive any further visits from the Enforcement Agent.

If you feel during the term of the repayment plan that you are not going to be able to make a payment on time, it is really important that you contact us to let us know and provide an explanation of why you cannot make the payment so that we can re-negotiate with you Council or the Bailiff Enforcement Agency before you default on any agreement.

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Our Council Tax Repayment Plans Work!

We pride ourselves on setting up repayment plans that work! This is why over 70% of repayment plan that we arrange result in a client repaying their debt in full in an affordable manner. The remaining 30% cover those who in most cases choose not to contact us for further assistance or, clients who simply do not want to pay what they owe.

  • Council Tax Advisors will not engage with clients who we believe are actively seeking to avoid paying their Council Tax arrears.

So regardless of why you have found yourself in arrears with your Council Tax, we will act on your behalf to set up repayment plans so you can get on with your life without the fear of a knock at the door from an Bailiff Enforcement Agent.

“Thanks to your quick and professional response an arrangement has been made that is much more manageable for me.” Marie


What if a Council Tax Repayment Plan is Unaffordable?

In certain circumstances, a Council Tax repayment plan with your local authority or its appointed Bailiffs simply won’t solve the problem. Generally this is due to much larger debt issues and Council Tax arrears are, to coin a phrase, the straw that broke the camel’s back!

Don’t Panic! In these situations we will refer you to one of our debt solution partners who can help advise on more holistic debt solutions such as Debt Relief Orders (DROs), Individual Voluntary Agreements (IVAs) and, in the most severe of cases Bankruptcy. Fill out our Application and we will be able to advise our recommended course of action.

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