The Role of a Rossendales Bailiff Enforcement Agent When Collecting Council Tax

Rossendales are one of the leading providers of Bailiff and Warrant Services to Local Government and the Public Sector since 1972. They deliver enforcement services to local councils throughout the country, whilst paying great attention to Local Authority policies including Social Inclusion, Customer Car, Equality, Environmental Issues and Valuing Diversity. As far as enforcement agents go, Rossendales are professionals. They are given numerous local government performance targets, which mean they consistently drive to improve their collection numbers.

As a company, Rossendales work closely with over 140 Local Authorities with the specific focus of collecting Council Tax. The enforcement company works with District and City Councils, Metropolitan and Unitary Authorities, as well as a number of London Borough and Consortiums. As doorstep enforcement agents, these bailiffs are highly trained and clearly have the goals of Local Authority Clients in their sights. Their aims are to deal with cases quickly, efficiently and effectively, which means when collecting Council Tax they are eager to receive payment in one form or another.

If you are struggling with Council Tax arrears and it has reached the stage where a Rossendales bailiff is at your door, it is imperative that you know your rights. If a Rossendales bailiff visits your home, you do not necessarily have to let them in straight away. It is a common misconception that enforcement agents have unlimited authority. However, when it comes to Rossendale enforcement agents, this is not the case. When at your doorstep the enforcement agents are unable to force their way into your home. A Rossendales enforcement agent must be invited in by you, but if you do allow them to enter your home they may begin claiming your possessions to repay any Council Tax Debt.

If you have granted a Rossendales enforcement agent peaceful entry once, they are then permitted to re-enter your home whenever they choose to return. Letting an enforcement agent in is not a decision to be taken lightly. If you do not grant the Rossendales bailiff entry on the first occasion, you are well within your rights to reject them at a later date. Nevertheless, it is important to remember that even if you do not grant entry, Rossendale enforcement agents are still able to take possessions from outside of your home, such as your car.

In terms of forcing entry into your home, Rossendales are technically unable to ever force their way in. However, if a Rossendale enforcement agent has been given a court order or has already been granted peaceful entry, there is a “reasonable force” rule that applies. Despite rumours that are often born out of fear, Rossendales bailiffs are not able to go to unnecessary extremes. If there is a Rossendales bailiff using reasonable force to gain entry into your home, you can rest assured there will be no physical violence or breaking of windows.

If you come face to face with Rossendales enforcement agents, you should always try to arrange repayment with them directly. At this point, dealing with them openly is the most efficient way to pay your debt and ensure that they will not return any time soon. There are a number of ways you can pay the full amount including by phone, post, at the bank and even online. If you are unable to pay the full amount, you should be prepared to draw up a realistic repayment plan. If Rossendales bailiffs reject your repayment plan suggestions and you are unable to agree any repayment suggestions made by them –it may be time to seek extra help.

Council Tax Advisors have extensive experience of dealing with Rossendales enforcement agents. As a specialist debt advice Community Interest Company, CTACIC can help create a realistic repayment plan that works for you, your council and Rossendales enforcement agents. We will act as a buffer between you and any enforcement agents that arrive at your door by providing you with extensive advice and options. If you are currently struggling to deal with Rossendales enforcement agents, contact us here today.

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