The Role of a Jacobs Enforcement Agent Collecting Council Tax

Jacobs enforcement agents were established in 1959 and are one of the most well established firms within the enforcement profession. The company provide traditional enforcement and debt recovery services in partnership with over 157 Council’s throughout the whole of the UK. Over time the business has provided a controlled and serious enforcement service, working under a solid infrastructure. Operating in both England and Wales, the company provide a debt recovery service that meets all statutory quality of service requirement. However, as enforcement agents, Jacobs are mainly focused on client retention and aim to ensure that targets are always met.

Jacobs enforcement agents work closely with their clients and provide a team that deal with the client directly, along with numerous resources. As certified enforcement agents through the County Court, it can be ascertained that the agents are professionally trained. The enforcement agents are obliged to adhere to codes of practice and national standards and are also full members of the Civil Enforcement Association. They are fully trained to identify vulnerable cases, whilst simultaneously ensuring collections are maximised. When it comes to collecting Council Tax, Jacobs enforcement agents are looking to obtain your payment for their client in one form or another.

If your council tax arrears have got so bad that you are now concerned about the threat of Jacobs enforcement agents visiting your home, you may be feeling incredibly intimidated. When an enforcement agent visits your home, it is imperative that you fully understand your rights. If you do not recognise the rights you hold, you may be in danger of making an irreversible mistake. If there are Jacobs enforcement agents at your door, you do not necessarily have to let them immediately. It is only rumour that an enforcement agent can force their way into your home without your permission, or a warrant. Jacobs enforcement agents cannot force their way into your home, but must wait to be invited in by you personally. If you do allow them in, they may begin to claim your possessions in order to repay your debt.

However, if you are in Council Tax debt it is imperative to understand that once you have granted entry to a Jacobs enforcement agent once, they are permitted to re-enter your home again. This means that choosing to a let an enforcement agent into your home is not a decision that should be taken lightly. If you decide not to let Jacobs enforcement agents into your home, you are well within your rights to also reject them at a later date. Although, refusing the Jacobs enforcement agents entry into your home does not mean that they cannot take possessions that are outside your home. Items of value such as vehicles can be taken from your property and there is little you can do to stop this from happening.

The enforcement agents are bound by code of conduct to not force their way into your home in anyway. However, if your debt is bad enough a court warrant may be given. At this point an enforcement agent will be entitled to enter your home, without being granted peaceful entry. The enforcement agents will only use ‘reasonable force’. This means that the Jacobs enforcement agents will not go to unnecessary extremes in order to enter your home. The enforcement agents will not break any windows and will not use physical violence to get past you. Rumours regarding bailiffs using violence to enter your home are simply rumours that were born out of fear.

If you should come face to face with one of the enforcement agents from Jacobs, it is imperative that you try and arrange repayment with them directly. Dealing with the agents openly and honestly is one of the most efficient ways to pay your debt. If you are unable to pay the debt in full to the enforcement agents, you may have to negotiate a plausible repayment plan. The Jacobs enforcement agents remain within their rights to refuse your repayment suggestions. If their suggestions seem unreasonable, or impossible to achieve, it may be time to seek the help of a debt advisory service.

Council Tax Advisors have extensive experience of dealing with Jacobs enforcement agents. As a specialist debt advice Community Interest Company, CTACIC can help create a realistic repayment plan that works for you, your council and Jacobs enforcement agents. We will act as a buffer between you and any enforcement agents that arrive at your door by providing you with extensive advice and options. If you are currently struggling to deal with Jacobs enforcement agents, contact us here today.

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