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Council Tax Advisors - Council tax advice

Council Tax

Find out all you need to know about Council Tax, from discounts and exemptions to liability and more…

Council Tax Arrears Council Tax Enforcement Liability Order Disputes Council Tax Exemptions/Relief

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Baliff Advice

Bailiff Advice

The 3 Golden Rules

Advice for Baliffs One If the bailiff hasn’t  been in, do NOT let them in. Doors locked 24/7 Advice for Baliffs Two Cars secured away from the property Advice for Baliffs Three Do not threaten or rise to threats

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Debt Solutions


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Repayment Solutions

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Utility Saving Expert Utility Saving Expert help families find the best energy deals, and donate 10% of profits to charity.

Client Feedback

Client Feedback

Client Quote

“My clients were struggling with bailiff action caused by crippling council tax demands. COUNCIL TAX ADVISORS helped by giving my clients sound advice & guidance. I recommend Council Tax Advisors to people who need assistance with bailiff action, and council tax advice.” Haford Housing

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