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Council Tax Advisors was formed as a direct result of my own personal experiences with Council Tax arrears and Bailiffs. I set out at the time on a one man mission to try and reduce Bailiff malpractice and reduce the need to use Bailiffs altogether, by providing a service which not only educated clients to their rights but, also to act on their behalf to resolve the issue(s). Council Tax Advisors has grown into a national wide operation in a very short period of time and, I am very proud to say we have helped over 4,500 people resolve their issues to date.

Council Tax Advisors historically charged a fee for its case handling and negotiation work with local authorities and Bailiffs, on behalf of our clients. However, I felt that it was unfair to exclude people in need, from our unique & valuable service, just because they couldn’t afford it, after all they, like I was, are in arrears with their Council Tax and in most cases struggling with other debts too.

I made the bold decision to make Council Tax Advisors a ‘fee free’ organisation as of the 25th of September 2013 in the hope that we can help even more people resolve their Council Tax and Bailiff issues and, try and support the organisations already assisting people in debt with a specialist service focused around Council Tax arrears and, the unfortunate Bailiff involvement that normally follows.

We are here to listen, help, reassure and resolve your Council Tax & Bailiff problems for free, just as quickly as we can.