Dealing With Debts Other Than Council Tax

The cost of living has shown few signs of decreasing in recent years despite countless job losses and reduced local government funding following cuts at Westminster. While there is likely to be plenty of finger pointing from leading party figures ahead of May’s election about the impact of austerity measures and how certain groups have been adversely affected by government policies. Although unemployment has dropped in recent months there are still plenty who are struggling to get by due to rising living costs without an increase in their pay packets.

However old you are, it is likely that you will have been affected by the coalition’s changes since they formed a government in 2010. Worrying about your outgoing payments and falling further into debt is not dependent on your age and our helpful staff at Council Tax Advisors give free and impartial advice to anyone that requests it. No matter how perilous you think your financial position is we can help resolve this burdening issue. This is not just based around council tax arrears.

Council tax payments can cause problems with your monthly payments, but there are other necessary bills which may make you slip into debt. Paying utility companies has been quite difficult for a large number of homeowners because of the energy bill rises – leaving families strapped for cash.  With gas payments one month followed by electric and water charges the next, people can quickly feel a huge weight on their shoulders and some seek a swift solution. Unfortunately, their actions can prove to be costly.

Payday lenders look attractive at the time in combating your debts, but borrowing comes with unaffordable interest rates which worsen people’s situations. They can end up losing their home and valuable belongings, so talking to a trustworthy company like ours is a much safer and more reliable option. With large energy firms increasing their charges throughout the recession recovery period, lots of taxpayers have been unable to get by without seeking financial support. The threat of bailiffs can loom large, placing greater stress on those struggling to pay their bills. Contacting our CTACIC team will reduce your anxiety in the short and long term.

Another main contributor to the debt problem across Britain is credit card applications.  These seem effective at the time in helping you make bill payments, but can be very dangerous.  It is understandable how tempting they are, but the devastating effects to your finances mean these should be avoided. Similarly to short-term loans, your charges may spiral out of control and leave your plunged in the red for even longer. If you have taken one out then do not panic – stop spending if you feel you’re losing control of your outgoings and contact us today. We give free credit card debt advice and strive to assist our clients in their battle against debt.

As we have previously mentioned, a damaging result from mounting debt is your house being repossessed with mortgage repayments becoming even more difficult than before. If you’re concerned at the power of bailiffs then your apprehension should ease when hearing that they’re not as powerful as they make out. Your lender should ensure that home repossession is the last resort in order to make your mortgage repayments. If things are moving too quickly then you should always contact an independent debt advisory company like ourselves.

We only have intentions that benefit our clients rather than payday companies and credit card suppliers. At CTACIC we also recognise that those that are retired can easily fall into debt and we support them by giving affordable, structured plans. For more information on how we tackle elderly debt and all kinds of other arrears please contact us today. You’ll be instantly glad that you did.

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