Protests in Chelmsford over Council Tax Freeze Spark Debate

The TaxPayers’ Alliance gathered in Chelmsford City Centre recently to protest the council tax freeze, handing out almost 600 leaflets to shoppers on the High Street before gathering under the statue in Tindal Square and then moving to County Hall. The campaign group have demanded that taxes be cut, slating the council for wasting money and not doing enough to help struggling households.

Chris Manby, grassroots co-ordinator in Essex, said: “We do think that the level of council tax is unacceptable. We think hard-pressed families would be better served by cutting the tax and giving them more of their own money to spend. The average band D house in Chelmsford is £35 more than the national average. It may not seem like much, but it’s the difference between buying something in the shops and not.”

Despite freezing council tax earlier this year, the Alliance maintain that the tax should actually have been cut altogether, easing pressure on the poorest households across the county. In fact, with rising council tax fees across the country and other charges associated with bailiff visits newly introduced, the issue of mounting council tax debt has been a topic of discussion. With more people struggling to keep up with their payments, the need for services like Council Tax Advisors has also grown.

We offer help and advice for struggling individuals and families, with information and guidance coming from a place of experience and a sympathetic ear for those who might just be at the end of their tether. As well as this, however, it’s also possible for us to mediate between the debtor and their council, organising a reasonable repayment plan that works for everyone.

Campaigners such as the TaxPayers’ Alliance are seeking more aid and less pressure on those families and households that need it most but, as we know, falling into council tax arrears is something that can happen to absolutely anyone. This makes it more important than ever for help to be there in spite of the rising tax rates and threat of bailiff action hanging over those who find themselves falling into debt, and that’s where Council Tax Advisors come in. Contact us today to find out more about how we can help.

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