New Mansion Tax Plans Receives Support from Nick Clegg

Newly announced plans for a higher council tax band for expensive properties have been backed by Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg, who has described the move as “fully deliverable.” If they come to fruition, these plans will mean that households valued at £2 million or more would be subject to higher council tax payments in order to make the system fairer on those households on a lower income. While Conservatives have rejected the idea of a so-called “mansion tax,” the Lib Dems have reportedly “scrutinised” the system in order to introduce new council tax bands for more expensive properties.

Speaking at a recent press conference, Mr Clegg said: “Danny [Alexander, Lib Dem Chief Secretary to the Treasury] has made sure it’s been properly scrutinised by the Treasury so it’s fully deliverable.”

The proposed “mansion tax” has been a long-gestating idea that always aimed to increase the amount of council tax the UK’s richest households would pay. Now, with a higher council tax band applied to properties worth over £2 million, residents with the highest income will be taken out of the current highest band, band H for properties valued at more than £320,000, and classified differently. This would hopefully bring about a fairer system for everyone.

But, for those households at the other end of the spectrum, falling into council tax arrears is still far too common an occurrence, and families can often be put under huge stress and financial strain when council tax debt begins to build up. As most of us know, this can result in visits to the home from bailiffs, with many constantly looking over their shoulders when faced with mounting debts and with nowhere to turn. But that’s where the right bit of advice and guidance can help, and that’s what Council Tax Advisors offer.

With support for many families across the UK being cut, more and more households are struggling with these exact problems, and are more in need of help from a friendly and professional service like ours than ever. Despite reforms to the system that promises to consider charges for fairly, low income households are still struggling but, with the help of CTA, those who are experiencing the stress of falling further and further into council tax arrears can find advice and practical solutions such as organising repayment plans and more.

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