How to Manage Gas Bill Debt

For some considerable time there has been a regressive rise in utility bills which have not taken job losses and static living wage levels into account. Taxpayers often find themselves powerless to combat larger payments to energy companies as they are heavily dependent on their energy for electrical devices and heating their home. Despite mass redundancies occurring during the global financial crash living costs have continued to increase, putting people’s economic stability at risk. Confidence in making regular payments on time has taken a battering. Fortunately, help is at hand at companies such as Council Tax Advisors. We offer our support for free.

Although energy prices have fallen recently, this is long overdue and some politicians have argued that the reductions are not drastic enough. Unemployment may be at a six-year low, but this does not mean that all things are rosy with people’s finances. Both bits of news should be welcomed, however they do not accurately illustrate the whole picture. Thousands contact debt advice companies such as ours and an alarming larger number stay silent. This allows the problem to grow and possibly spiral out of control. Here are some tips about how to deal with this burdening problem. Heating bills are rarely welcomed and cause real worry once a letter has been posted.

Cut Back Costs

Of course, this is easier said than done, but you can become more efficient with your heating by limiting the time you have it turned on. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to feel chilly, though. Heating your home for an hour in the evening can keep you warm in the winter months. If you still feel the cold then putting on a hat or a jumper can rapidly improve your mood. Having the heating on full blast all day is not energy efficient and will leave you with a hefty bill. If you have double glazing then more heat will be kept in your home and so less energy is needed.

Check Competitors

Visiting price comparison websites may not seem as though you’re taking appropriate action when tackling your debt, but this is an effective way of saving money. Once you find a cheaper deal it could save you hundreds of pounds each year from your utility bills alone. This added money can be used to write off a higher proportion of your debt and can be used for greater expense on food along with other necessities. Finding the best deal is one step forward in sorting out money troubles.

Contact CTACIC Today

Arguably, the most effective way of dealing with gas bill debt is by contacting our team or emailing us at today. We are an independent company who have experience of falling into debt ourselves so can not only sympathise, but relate to your arrears. Allowing this problem to grow will do nothing to reduce your debt or stress. We are only motivated by helping others, unlike payday loan companies who wish to make as much money as they can. Our services are free so you should contact us today to relieve economic and personal pressures.

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