Cutting Down on Your Energy Bills

We’re always looking for ways to cut down on our monthly bills, whether it’s by spending less on food, clothes, or entertainment. However there are also different tricks you can use to lower the cost of your monthly outgoings, namely your energy bills. Electricity and gas are necessities in the home, but hopefully these tips could keep your bills from hitting the roof and maybe even free up some cash for you to spend on the fun things in life.

Replace light bulbs

Replacing old light bulbs with energy saving ones could cut your bills massively, by £60 a year in some cases. Energy saving bulbs even last longer than traditional ones, with around 10 years of life on average compared to one year for a normal bulb. LED bulbs can even last for an impressive 25 years. When you’re not using a room remember to turn your lights off.

Insulating the home

Splashing out on insulation could save you massive amounts of money in the long run. Insulating loft and cavity walls can take over £200 off your bills every year. Loft insulation is recommended to have a thickness of at least 270mm if you want to stop a good amount of heat leaving the house, thus cutting those energy bills.

Change supplier

Changing your energy supplier is often a very good way of slashing your bills. If it’s been a few years since you last switched then it’s definitely worth having a look at what a different company could be charging you. The whole idea of switching might be enough to put you off, but the process is often a lot simpler than you imagine. Check out a price comparison site and start saving money today.

Turn the thermostat down

Studies have shown that turning the room temperature down even just slightly could save you around £75 on your heating bills every year. This means it might be worth putting that jumper on when you’re cold instead of turning up the temperature. Turning down radiators in rooms that are rarely used is also a good way of saving.

Buy energy efficient gadgets

Checking to see if that washing machine is an energy efficient model could be saving you an extra £40 a year. Tumble dryers and fridge freezers are also notorious for using up lots of energy and adding to your bills, so make sure you’ve got ones that don’t cost so much to run.

Stop draughts

Homes with draughts waste lots of energy, with windows and doors being the cause of a lot of lost heat. DIY stores have a large range of equipment which can protect against draughts, but if you’d rather leave it to an expert then they can make sure any gaps in a room are taken care of. Double glazing is also a great way of saving on your bills.

Hopefully these tips can help to keep your home more energy efficient and leave you with a bit more money towards the end of the month. Many people go years without trying to cut down on their bills, when they could easily be saving cash and putting it towards better things. If you ever want to pick up more tips for saving on your energy bills then Utility Saving Expert provides great information all year round.

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