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Whatever money troubles you get into, no matter how serious you think your troubles are, Council Tax Advisors are here to listen and help resolve financial problems. Although one area we specialise in is providing affordable solutions that arise from rising and expensive council tax bills, we offer free support for those in debt for several different reasons. Debt collection agencies can be brutal and incessantly forceful when attempting to reclaim the money you owe, but there are ways around avoiding this difficult relationship by contacting our staff.

We realise that falling into debt can be easier than some people may think and quite often this is not the fault of the person in it. High living costs and rises in inflation along with hikes in council tax rates across the country mean that household bills have taken an extra toll on people’s finances. Reductions in unemployment and Council Tax Rate Benefit mean families are finding it increasingly difficult to avoid getting in the red. A quick fix may look attractive before using payday lenders, but the impact is risky at best and leads to people falling further behind on their repayments due to the unbelievably high interest rates.

At the time you may feel that this route your best course of action, however this is clearly not the case with tougher regulations being imposed on payday companies due to their spiralling cost. According to the Financial Times, before new UK rules came into effect companies such as Wonga could charge annual interest rates up to 6,000 per cent. Thankfully, their powers have become more and more limited, but debt collectors still pose a problem for people with financial arrears. These types of organisations want you to feel as though they have more influence over you than is actually the case.

Examples of a debt collectors include the Lowell Group and are called upon when people are making reduced payments or if they have left fees owed unpaid. Your original creditor may contact agencies such as Lowell to collect from you and keep a proportion of what they get from those in debt. If you’ve been contacted by a debt collection agency there are a few things you need to know about what they can and cannot do. Even if they replace the original company chasing you for money, it doesn’t mean companies such as Lowell have extra power so they are not authorised or allowed to do anything different.

Arguably one of the most important limitations of these kinds of agencies is that they cannot take your belongings unlike bailiffs. They may come across as quite threatening and intimidating when letters are sent to your door demanding cash to clear debts and avoid sending an agent round, but this consequence is very unlikely as long as you phone or email them. When contacting them it is important you talk about your financial situation, make regular monthly payments and prove that you are paying as much as your budget allows.

You should expect debt collectors such as CapQuest and Moorcroft to phone and send letters requesting swift payments, but they cannot contact you several times of the day or at unreasonable times. Calling you in the early hours of the morning or late at night is not permitted and counts as harassment. Pressuring you to pay larger, unaffordable sums also counts as improper conduct. Although there is no limit on the number of times debt collection agencies can call, if this is persistent you can expect to be able to contact your creditor and complain about harrying.

Should you be in the unfortunate position of debt collection companies harassing you then fear not, Council Tax Advisors can help. Getting letters from people you do not know, demanding urgent repayments can place an even heavier weight on your shoulders. We work with you in creating a well-structured and affordable monthly payment plan which eases your financial apprehension.  Contacting our helpful team  is useful in preventing debt collection companies from constantly calling you and causing you avoidable stress during the day.  Call us today to find out how we can assist you in combating your debt issues and perhaps looming fears of debt collectors.

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You can get free debt advice from Money Helper,
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