Resistance to Council Tax Changes as Support for Many is Axed

Tens of thousands of households are facing fresh struggles with debt as more council tax support is axed and rising bills spark a rise in bailiff visits. Those affected by the changes in council tax charges and support include many vulnerable people, with a number of the country’s poorest households deteriorating into council tax arrears and unable to fall back on support previously offered to them. A reported 600,000 households have been taken to court over these debts, and 87,000 are being pursued by debt collectors.

Council tax benefit was cut by around £500 million last year, and the decision has been met with a lot of resistance from those concerned about the ability of some households to keep up with payments without falling into often crippling amounts of debt. With these arrears, the fear for many is that bailiffs, now ‘rebranded’ as enforcement officers, will come soon after. The results of these new rules, dubbed by some as “the new Poll Tax,” have meant that an estimated 2.2 million people are now liable to pay for the first time.

This amounts to between 10% and 30% of their full bill, which previous aid would have helped to cover for poorer families, at an average of £200 a year. Now, with more and more people being summoned to court and receiving unwanted visits from bailiffs, it’s clear that the rise in bills for many is an additional burden they simply cannot afford. Increasing debt can put unimaginable strain on families already struggling to make ends meet but luckily the team at Council Tax Advisors is on hand to help with advice and various practical solutions including reasonable repayment plans.

With problems increasing for so many families, the need for reliable, trustworthy advice is getting more pressing. We understand how dire things can be when families are spiralling into debt and see no way out, but our team come from a place of experience and, with lots of guidance on how to deal with council tax arrears, repayments and bailiffs, we can help you get your life back. With such vital support pulled out from under many vulnerable families, cases of crippling debt and the consequences of this are getting more and more common. For advice on how to tackle issues related to council tax arrears, don’t hesitate to contact Council Tax Advisors today.

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