Number of UK Households in Council Tax Arrears on the Rise

Falling into council tax arrears has become a cruel reality for so many households across the UK, and it has been revealed that the number of people who are currently struggling with this kind of debt has risen astronomically in the last year. One advice service have reported that 27,000 people have been helped between January and March 2014, which is a 17% increase on the same period of time in 2013.

Changes in council tax have been blamed for the increase in calls for help, with many services including Council Tax Advisors witnessing a marked rise in problems related to council tax arrears. When these changes were introduced in April 2013, it was in an effort by the government to reduce the deficit and, as a part of this, council tax benefit was changed to a support scheme that left many without the help they were used to. This has been a contributing factor in many households now struggling with crippling amounts of debt.

Now, council tax support schemes have been set up by local authorities and, according to new reports, this means that the level of support families can expect to get varies from place to place. Council tax arrears is regarded as the most prominent kind of debt problem in the country, and this sharp incline in people asking for help has been blamed on the changes made just over a year ago. With other financial strain on many families since the economic downturn, council tax can be one expense too many for some.

Which has meant that council tax debt has overtaken traditionally more prominent kinds of debt, such as for credit cards and personal loans, with the retraction of council tax benefit crippling some families who are no longer eligible for financial help. But help is certainly out there for people who go looking, with free services like Council Tax Advisors dedicated to helping those households who are finding themselves snowed under with unpaid debts and fearful of bailiffs visiting their home, incurring even more debt in the long run.

If you are having trouble keeping up with payments and need help resolving your debts, then contact CTA for guidance and practical solutions for dealing with council tax arrears, bailiffs and more.

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