English Homes Pressured by Bailiffs Following Cuts of Council Tax Support

Let’s all thank Communities Secretary Eric Pickles, who saw fit to see council tax benefit slashed by an enormous £500million. It is clear to us that Mr. Pickles isn’t in a position where he requires council tax benefits – if he were; perhaps he would have had the sense not to cut it. Instead, he has now put nearly 700,000 people in danger over unpaid taxes and a further 1.5 million are affected by the ‘Poll Tax’.

The council tax benefits originally existed to help people that couldn’t afford to pay for their full council tax, keeping citizens above the poverty line in agreement with European Union legislation. But now that the benefits have been cut, nearly 2.2 million people, including nearly 400,000 disabled people are suffering with paying the full amount requested.

The government hasn’t responded to this by turning the policy around, rather it has seen councils attempt to collect the debts through whichever means are possible. In this case, 87,000 people so far have been pursued by bailiffs as a result of unpaid tax. A further 600,000 have been summonsed to court.

All the time the British people are struggling on unawares that there are measures in place to help them, if they require it. Council Tax Advisors are on hand to all people struggling with council tax and most specifically with bailiff problems. Of all the paths available to the struggling Brit right now, Council Tax Advisors offer the broadest scope of advice, and hands on help.

In England there are 326 local authorities that regulate districts around the country and a huge 232 of those have recently had their council tax support cut in the last year. We know this is unacceptable. We know that you know this is unacceptable. So stop accepting that the government has damaged your financial stability rather than help you to improve your financial stability and take action against them. Don’t know where to start? Ask Council Tax Advisors.

When people can’t pay, you know that taxes are too high.

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