Who are ScotCall Debt Collection Agents and What Powers Do They Really Have?

ScotCall, now known as Fidélité CM, is an award winning credit management business and debt collection agency. This company effectively utilises technology in order to create a network of agents, a customer portal and agent tracking. Fidélité take their responsibility as a debt collection agency seriously and are therefore associated with the highest regulatory standards. Conducting regular audits and continually challenging their work practices, you can rest assured that Fidélité operate within the industry guidelines and maintain all of the relevant codes of conduct. The agents at Fidélité are professionals and will utilise their technological solutions to provide their clients with fast and efficient collections.

Fidélité debt collection agents will be sent to your door on behalf of their clients to collect any outstanding arrears on primary or secondary debt streams. These agents have the ability to provide their financial and utility clients with an effective and bespoke locate and collect services. When Fidélité debt collection agents contact you, they will be looking to understand your current financial situation and provide you with accurate information on how to resolve your account. The debt collection agents have been trained to make collecting your outstanding debt a positive experiencing that will provide you with the information you need. However, it is important to know exactly what you rights are if a Fidélité debt collection agent does visit your home.

Falling behind on credit or utility repayments happens to thousands of UK residents every year. With the cost of living on the rise, it can be all too easy for debt to increase. If your outstanding has got out of hand and the situation is beginning to spiral out of control, you may be visited by a Fidélité debt collection agent to reclaim the debt. Despite popular belief, debt collection agents do not have unlimited power and ultimate authority. It is imperative to understand that a Fidélité debt collection agent has no right to enter your home without your permission. They must be invited in by you and you only. If you do allow the Fidélité collection agents to enter your home peacefully they have the right to begin claiming your possessions in order to repay your outstanding debts to their clients.

Once you have let the debt collection agents in one, they are entitled to re-enter your home whenever they choose to return again. This is exactly why letting in a Fidélité debt collection agent is not a decision that should be made under pressure. If you do not grant entry to the Fidélité agents on the first occasion, you will still be well within your rights to reject them again at t a later date. Nonetheless, it’s important to remember that debt collection agents are still able to take possessions from outside of your home, such as your car, if you have failed to come to a satisfactory repayment agreement.

It is common misconception that debt collection agents can force entry into your home whenever they want. On the other hand, it is crucial to bear in mind that if Fidélité or their client take your outstanding debt to the court, they will be given a court order that will allow them to enter your home using “reasonable force.” They will also be able to use reasonable force if you have already granted them peaceful entry once before. There are many rumours that are born out of fear of debt collection agencies regarding the collection process. If a Fidélité has to use to enter your home, they will not be able to use physical violence or be able to break windows.

The most effective way of dealing with Fidélité debt collection agents is to try and arrange a repayment plan with them directly, in a neutral environment. It is likely they will contact with you via phone or post before it gets to the stage of a home visit. This is the best time to deal with Fidélité debt collection agents openly and honestly. Regardless of your financial circumstances, the Fidélité agents want to work with you to find an appropriate outcome that suits you, their creditors and themselves. Dealing with Fidélité openly is the fastest way to deal with your outstanding debt. You can even pay your outstanding debt by utilising Fidélité’s online customer portal. However, if you and the debt collection agents cannot come to a realistic agreement regarding your repayments, or Fidélité reject your repayment suggestions, it may be time to seek advice from a highly qualified debt advisory service.

Council Tax Advisors CIC have an extensive experience dealing with Fidélité debt collection agents and have all the knowledge and advice you need to tackle you debt problems. We are a specialist debt advice Community Interest Company. CTACIC will be able to help you create a realistic repayment plan that works for you, your creditors and Fidélité debt collection agents. We can act as a buffer between you and the debt collection agents by providing you with continuous advice and support. If you are concerned about Fidélité debt collection agents visiting your door, contact CTACIC here today.

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