The Threat of Bailiffs and Enforcement Agents over Christmas

Nobody feels positive about the prospect of bailiffs or enforcement agents turning up at their front door and they can undoubtedly ruin festive cheer by knocking on Christmas Day.

Last Christmas this was the case in Birmingham as debt collectors wrongly went to properties where residents owed money. Despite the fact that those in debt may feel helpless and bailiffs are in control, it is important to realise their limitations. Firstly, bailiffs are prohibited from coming round on Christmas Day, Good Friday and Sundays in most situations. If you debt is because of unpaid rent, then bailiffs are banned from visiting your property between sunset and sunrise and on Sundays.

A government voluntary code suggests bailiffs and enforcement officers should only come between 6am and 9pm. Unfortunately, this is not enforceable by law, but it is helpful to be aware of recommended codes of practice from The National Standards for Enforcement Agents. An enforcement agent or bailiff is someone who the council has given permission to visit your home so they can collect owed debts, including when residents are not up-to-date with their council tax payments.

Christmas is very costly for families and is becoming increasingly hard to pay for while the cost of living continues to get more expensive. In a majority of cases, bailiffs are only allowed to enter your property peacefully once they have received your permission. You should contemplate this approval carefully, as bailiffs are permitted to re-enter your home once they have been given the go ahead. When they return there is nothing to prevent them forcing entry into your home if you refuse to let them back in.


You must get seven days notice of an enforcement agents’ arrival which helps in easing fears for those in debt. Once you are notified, make sure you contact us here at Council Tax Advisors so we can assist you in creating an affordable repayment plan. Our experts are so effective, because in many cases they have been in your difficult position before.

We set up this not-for-profit organisation after our own experiences with bailiffs. Our helpful team provide free and impartial advice for anyone in debt as a result of council tax charges or any other kind of debt. We are often able to stop bailiffs from entering your home by arranging effective solutions for a variety of our clients. This is very realistic because of our discussions with councils and enforcement officers which helps resolve your financial problems.

Bailiffs and enforcement agents are essentially the same thing. Both like to feel as though they are in command of your debt problems as some visit your home on Christmas Day along with other occasions when prohibited by the government. At Council Tax Advisors we ensure you receive the adequate support needed to solve debt problems and provide our clients with knowledge of their rights. We help you regain control of your finances by communicating with councils and bailiffs so you can enjoy your Christmas without the anxiety of having strangers invade your property.

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