Scottish Summary Warrants Explained

For people falling into debt it can be difficult to remain positive when receiving constant reminders of your situation from creditor’s calls or the letters they send directly to you. It can be a distressing time and suffering in silence can only worsen things. At Council Tax Advisors we help people around the country with free and independent support for a wide selection of debt problems. It should not matter how you’ve fallen into the red, we are committed at finding realistic solutions to get your financial stability back once and for all.

Getting court orders is an unfortunate consequence for people struggling with their finances. Creditors will often apply to the judicial branch in order to speed up repayments and this let further panic ensue for people frantically trying to get sufficient funds together. Scottish summary warrants are used by local authorities with the sole intention of getting money owed to them as quickly as they can. To speed this process up they will make applications to courts about repayments.

The demand for payment will usually have a time limit of 14 days and Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) cannot take action against you until this charge has been served and the time limit expires. This is known as diligence. Diligence can be used against people in financial difficulty in numerous ways. Your money in a bank or building society account can be frozen and even released to the creditor, along with an earnings arrestment. This makes your employer take deductions from your earnings then pay this to HMRC. This consequence can be very damaging to a person’s morale and pride, so contact Council Tax Advisors to avoid this if you’re worried about your arrears.

Sheriff Officers such as Scott and Co also have the power to seize goods that are outside your home and then sell them to pay HMRC. This adds greater fear to people in debt because they will be in for a nasty shock when one of their items disappears. Another way creditors can get money off you is through an exceptional attachment order. This gives officers the authority to break into your home and seize goods in order to sell them on. Perhaps most dramatically, you can be stopped from selling your property or taking our more borrowing on it.

Potential action from enforcement agents and the like can increase stress levels and place greater pressures on your finances. Contacting our helpful and effective team at Council Tax Advisors will not only prevent bailiffs from entering your home, but it will give you an affordable repayment plan that will be effective in the long run. We are only interested in helping people change their financial fortunes around for the better. Remember – there’s no risk and no catch when you come to us, so get in touch with us today.

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