Islington Liberal Democrats Pledge to Freeze Council Tax

Liberal Democrats in Islington have pledged to freeze council tax in the borough in order to help households save on their bills, as well as creating new jobs and building new homes for the community. This is providing they are elected to run Islington Council next month, of course, pledging to both provide more jobs and to reduce the cost of living for residents.

Cllr Terry Stacy said: “We are pledging to freeze council tax for the next four years and deliver savings for every household. We will make sure there are new homes for people in need and those renting privately get a fairer deal. Our vision is to create a stronger local economy in a fairer Islington. To make this happen, we are campaigning on five key issues to create jobs and help you with the cost of living.”

This pledge to freeze council tax in Islington is great news for families in the borough, and new fees and decreasing support has made it harder and harder for many low-income households to keep up with payments. In too many cases this results in bailiff action that can send some into a spiral of debt and fear, with newly introduced fees only adding to the issue.

Council Tax Advisors, however, is a service dedicated to offering help and advice to those vulnerable people about how to manage their debt and any problems they have experienced with bailiffs, and we are proud to have helped tens of thousands of people to date. We come from a place of understanding, having experienced many of the same issues, and aim to help people overcome their own troubles with council tax arrears.

Even with improvements made to bailiff policies, many families are finding themselves snowed under with sometimes crippling amounts of debt, contributed to by the withdrawal of government support that has occurred in recent times. In fact, many families across the UK are only now being faced with paying council tax without any government aid, and the financial situation of those poorest households has made falling into debt inevitable for some.

The promise from Lib Dems in Islington to freeze council tax is encouraging for residents of the area as, despite some existing problems, they can be sure that payments will not increase should the party be elected to run in the next election. If you are experiencing problems with bailiffs or council tax arrears, don’t hesitate to contact us to find out how we can help.

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