How to Arrange a Debt Management Scheme That Works

Why do people get into debt and why can’t people get out of it? A lot of the time the answer to these questions is that people overestimate how far they can make their money stretch. Money borrowed and payable tax need to be accounted for, and frequently they are not. Of course there are situations where things occur out of your control, but it is always best to be prepared for such occurrences with a back up of capital. A savings account of money in case of emergency never hurt anyone.

So when it comes to getting out of debt, we must make sure that we don’t go on to repeat the same mistakes; we must be honest with ourselves, and our creditors about what we can realistically afford to pay back and over a time period that is realistic.

Council Tax Advisors are able to negotiate your terms of repayment with bailiffs and the courts, but it is imperative that you approach the repayment with sincerity; deception can hurt your cause and ultimately cost you more in the long run. There are plenty of people out there who are able to offer you life changing help, but it is important that you are keen to help yourself first.

Gosport Borough Football are just one recent example of a situation that isn’t improved through poor debt management; after 18 months of promised repayments, the creditors, DLP Festival management, have had to employ bailiffs to recoup the debt owed by the club.

The leader of the club has reportedly made several claims as to why payments have been missing and cheques have bounced. ‘The start of the season’ is just one reason among many allegedly cited. We have to assume that the club were aware that the start of the season would happen, and can only conclude that they have managed their debts poorly.

Council Tax Advisors are in place to assist debtors in making the right judgements and decisions; if you require help in making careful, well informed debt management plans, there are people there to ensure that your goals aren’t unrealistic. They are there to make sure you can get back on your feet.

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