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With polling day edging nearer and nearer the makeup of Britain’s next government is still unclear as both main parties seek to gain momentum before May 7. Since the last election the British public have been faced with much uncertainty due to spending cuts and a rise in personal debt. Reliance on credit is a well-known concern, but what options do UK citizens have when living costs are becoming more difficult to afford? What people need is an impartial and effective company to help them overcome their challenging financial situation. This is where our team at Council Tax Advisors can be of assistance.

We provide free support for Dorset residents and advise them about whatever debt problems they may have. Council tax rates have increased throughout the country with Dorset County Council recently announcing that this charge will rise in the 2015-16 financial year. Property tax arrears are problematic in several English counties and we are experienced at helping people solve their debts with sustainable solutions. Discounts have been cut in order to protect public services, but this has hampered people struggling to make ends meet with global instability affecting most nations. Our council tax repayment plans are realistic and affordable, allowing clients to erase their debts without taking risks. It is helpful to work out exactly what you owe before tackling the issue of debt and our team have the knowledge to help clients remove their financial worries.

Being in debt can be very stressful with anxiety building when outstanding payment reminders are met with warnings of bailiff action. As free debt advisors we clearly outline your rights regarding enforcement agents and their limited powers. It can be worrying enough when threats are written down on a letter addressed to you, but a bailiff turning up at your home easily intimidates people in debt. Just because you are in a vulnerable financial position does not mean that they should be let into your property. Once they have gained peaceful entry there is nothing stopping them doing so again in the near future. We discuss realistic repayment plans for our clients to prevent them being embroiled in difficult situations with bailiffs and enforcement agents.

Living costs have been difficult to stick to in recent years and rent payments can cause many to swiftly slip into debt. The value of properties has risen quite dramatically in the past decade and landlords have taken advantage by raising monthly fees. Being able to manage all of your monthly payments is tricky and causes some people to fall into debt. Those with lower incomes can receive housing benefits depending on their earnings, but this can sometimes be a false dawn and leave people worse off than before. Having to pay back money that people believe they’re entitled to often has a negative effect in the short and long term on Dorset residents among others scattered around the UK. For anyone struggling as a result of overpayments should contact a member of our team so adequate solutions are discussed. Making a firm decision can only occur when someone is decisive and our advice helps people achieve economic stability. Dorset residents can get excellent advice without paying a penny when they contact us at Council Tax Advisors.

We only want to help as many people as we can and do this by suggesting a range of debt relieving methods for every circumstance. Whatever your reason for falling into debt, you can count on us to provide efficient and impartial to support for people living in Dorset. For more information please contact one of our experts.

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You can get free debt advice from Money Helper,
an organisation set up by the government to offer free and impartial advice to those in debt. Just click the link above to find out more.

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