Council Tax and Business Rates Arrears Issues in Birmingham

Thousands of people fall into debt every year and it’s reported that 1 in 4 people in Birmingham use loans or credit cards in order to make ends meet. With this in mind, it’s no surprise that thousands of people are struggling with council tax arrears after failing to pay their council tax. You may struggle with council tax arrears if you have failed to pay your council tax, and you can fall into business rate arrears if you have failed to pay your business rates.

In fact, it was reported by the BBC in August 2013 that bailiffs were called in by local councils for £1.8 million worth of debts in the UK. In Birmingham, the local authority referred debts on 82,329 occasions over the last year which is the highest number of debt referrals for any council, according to the BBC.

It isn’t simply the number of bailiff referrals which have led Birmingham to be first in the top 20 – for business referrals it also came top with a total of 4446 referrals in the city.

Of course, it isn’t simply Birmingham with a high number of people struggling with council tax or business rates arrears: the City of Westminster council, for example, made 53,635 bailiff referrals for residential properties and 3775 for business referrals. Liverpool City made a total of 47,054 referrals with 43,834 of these for residential bailiff referrals and 3220 for business referrals.

If you are one of the many struggling to pay your council tax or business rates, it’s important to talk to professionals, such as those here at Council Tax Advisors. We can offer advice and support, and can mediate between you and your council to organise an affordable repayment plan.

While the number of bailiff referrals is high for council tax and business rates in Birmingham, it can affect people throughout the country which is why we are on hand to offer advice, support, and guidance. To avoid bailiff action, talking to an experienced advisor from Council Tax Advisors can offer you peace of mind if you are struggling with council tax or business rates arrears.

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