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Council Tax Advisors currently unavailable

Council Tax Advisors are currently undergoing an holistic overhaul of its services and therefore, it is with regret that we […]

Who are ScotCall Debt Collection Agents and What Powers Do They Really Have?

ScotCall, now known as Fidélité CM, is an award winning credit management business and debt collection agency. This company effectively […]

The rising tide of council tax bills – get help before the bailiff comes knocking

For most people, debt isn’t something they planned. For most people, one minute they were managing to pay all their […]

In debt with Council Tax? Act today to avoid tomorrow’s knock at the door!

Are you in debt with your council tax? This article will tell you what can happen if you have unpaid […]

Rossendales Bailiff Enforcement Agents – what to do when they come knocking!

Are you expecting a visit from bailiff enforcement agents from Rossendales? Don’t panic, read on. We’ll explain who Rossendales are, […]

Owe money to Rossendales bailiffs? Don’t panic, free help is here!

Have you had a letter from Rossendales bailiffs saying that you owe them money? Not sure what to do next? […]

Bailiffs – The Top 5 Myths Debunked

One of the biggest problems people face when dealing with bailiffs is knowing what a bailiff legally can and cannot […]

The role of a Sheriff Collecting Council Tax Arrears in Scotland

  In Scotland there aren’t bailiffs. Unfortunately this isn’t quite as good news as it sounds. Much like Bailiffs are […]

How to Protect Yourself (and Your Possessions!) Against Sheriff Officers

*Knock knock…* – The sound of someone at the door usually make people jump up from the sofa and run […]

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