Are you expecting a visit from a Scott & Co. Sheriff for A Council Tax Debt?

There are fewer jobs more divisive throughout the whole of Scotland than that of the sheriff. While across the rest of the UK it may be hard to disassociate the stereotypical image of the Wild West cowboy, in Scotland things are very different. Similar to the role of the bailiff, the sheriff has powers vested in him by the Scottish government to carry out debt recovery operations for those who have continually neglected to meet the conditions of their payment agreement.

The burning question when talking about sheriffs is always whether they possess the right to enter your home, and whether they have any legal permission to begin to take permissions in order to contribute to the repayment plan. In theory, the answer is yes but fortunately it is a rare occurrence for a sheriff to exercise this privilege – this is as much the case with Scott & Co as it is with the large majority of debt recovery firms across the country.

Scott and Co Sheriff officers can only be deployed by creditors – local governments included – after numerous other pathways have been taken to recover the money owed. You will also only be required by law to let them in should they be in possession of a relevant court order that permits them to do so; these court orders are not handed out with any serious frequency and will only be used in cases deemed serious enough by the court.


Wage Arrestment

One method that is more likely to be employed by your creditors is what is known as wage arrestment, also known as earnings arrestment. For those that do not seek the right help, support or guidance when faced with serious debt troubles, your creditor will – by law – send you an information package that highlights various paths you can take in order begin your repayments amicably. CTACIC are an example of one of these outlets, as our team of experts are experienced in dealing with personal debt – it is absolute vital you heed this warning and seek us out, or the consequences could be extremely debilitating for your financial situation.

Not doing so will give them legal right to arrest your wages – the literal taking of your wages out of your bank account, the amount dependent on how much you earn. Whether it is standard pay, a bonus, sick pay or accrued holiday, your creditors will have full access to take your money against your will. In this situation, you need to be fully aware of both yours and the creditor’s rights in order to ensure everything is being kept within the legal guidelines – with the help of CTACIC, we can guarantee this is the case.


A Countrywide Issue

One common misconception that creditors and sheriff firms such as Scott & Co love to perpetrate is that when you are in debt, you are an island – completely isolated from all help. In reality, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Council tax in particular is a serious problem throughout Scotland and the number of people who struggle to meet their payment every year is only increasing. As the cost of living continues to rise against a backdrop of wage freezes and unemployment, there are thousands of people that seek debt advice every day – but, unfortunately, there are many that don’t.

It is important that you realise you need to act as soon as you feel yourself losing control of your finances. Without doing so, you begin on the slippery slope towards wage arrestment and sheriff intervention and the longer you neglect to seek advice, the worse the scenario becomes. Here at Council Tax Advisors (CTACIC), we urge to let go of that stigma that is attached to personal debt and take positive action towards finding an amicable solution to your problems.

If you feel as though any of the issues covered in this blog relate to your personal situation, do not hesitate to contact one of the team here at CTACIC today.

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