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What We Do?

Council Tax Advisors are experts at solving council tax related issues, and enforcement by enforcement officers (bailiffs/sheriffs) on behalf of their clients.

We specialise in organising payment plans with councils and bailiff firms across the UK. We can often help you resolve disputes you face with bailiffs. As experts in our field in negotiating council tax repayments, we get our clients back on track by allowing them to deal with their council tax properly with the right impartial advice given.


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 Initial Advice

When you first contact Council Tax Advisors we will help establish your current financial situation, and start dealing with the issues you face one by one. If it is an enforcement issue, we will listen to the problem and give solid practical advice on what to do, and how to go about it. It may prove beneficial to take a certain course of action which we recommend, but we will try to offer as many practical solutions as possible so we can get you back on your feet as fast as possible.

Our advisors can be reached by telephone on 0141 536 0184, online application here or by our new chat live feature where help is immediately available to you.

 Professional Mediation

Council Tax Advisors offers professional mediation services for all domestic council tax arrears issues along with enforcement from bailiff or sheriff firms. We mediate with councils and enforcement officers to help resolve your problem professionally and free. We will require your written authority to give you this personal one on one help, which we email or post to you.

Once returned Council Tax Advisors can then act on your behalf with your case. We will provide you with initially a free financial health check so that we can provide you with impartial advice on the best solutions to help you. We will provide you with updates on your case when and where practical. Of course you can always contact us directly in a number of different ways to receive updates.


Given there are many different successful resolutions to our customer cases, we will always endeavour to find the right outcome for you based on the information you provide to us in the initial contact. We often get enforcement agents on hold so that you can rectify any priority debts and keep hold of your property.