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Our history

Council Tax Advisors was formed as a direct result of our founder’s personal experiences with Bailiffs/Enforcement Agents. He owed Council Tax after a period of ill health and the Bailiffs that attended his property acted outside of the law. Subsequently, one Bailiff had his certificate revoked and the other, retired to avoid any further embarrassment.

Council Tax Advisors was originally a limited company, which charged a fee to mediate on behalf of clients. In September 2013, it was decided that Council Tax Advisors would no longer charge a fee to mediate on behalf of its clients and converted the limited company into a Community Interest Company (CIC), which saw Council Tax Advisors officially become a Not-for-Profit organisation. To further their commitment to this change Council Tax Advisors then became full members of AdviceUK.


It is through our own personal experiences that we have been able understand, advise and help
Chris Richards, Founder, Council Tax Advisors

In 2016 Council Tax Advisors became part of the Carrington Dean Group. Our trading name is Council Tax Advisors but our company name is Council Tax Expert CIC. By teaming up with Carrington Dean we believe we can now help people more than ever, providing free advice for those in council tax debt, or indeed any other debt. They will give expert advice on how best to deal with debt situations and offer solutions where possible.


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Our Team

We employ qualified, friendly, helpful advisors who understand what it is like to be in debt. The unique makeup of our team allows us to genuinely empathise with your current financial situations. With this understanding, you can be sure that our team will find you the very best and most suitable solution to the issues you face.

We are proud to pay each member of our team a ‘living wage’ as proposed by Government.