‘Horrrendous’ Council, Says Woman Following Council Tax Court Case

A sick woman in Tendering, Essex has complained that her treatment at the hands of Tendering council was ‘horrendous’ and claims that they treat those that are struggling unfairly. The 54 year old Patricia Faulkner was ill in hospital during the latter part of last year and fell behind with her council tax payments. The former medic directly contacted the council to explain her situation and offered to pay £50 towards her bill each month, sending her first payment, so that she might settle her debt.

The council, however, turned down this offer and took Faulkner to court over the debt. The court hearing resulted in an agreement that would see the woman pay what she initially offered. Patricia Faulkner was faced with court costs and the mental and physical stress that is associated with a court case.

Paul Honeywood from the council has commented on the case, stating that they “…are delighted that this issue over Ms Faulkner’s non-payment of Council Tax has now been resolved after eight months and only sorry that it was necessary to put it before the courts to achieve this outcome.” Suggesting that the council felt the court case was necessary in their eyes.

As with many cases it is easy to hear both sides of a story and still remain unsure as to what actually happened. On one side we have a poor lady with sickness struggling to pay her council tax bills claiming that she has been treated unfairly by the council, whilst on the other side we have Tendering council who have put out a very careful message that suggests they had their hand forced. Ultimately, we may never know the full extent of what happened, but with a go between, it is possible to prevent such misunderstandings from occurring at all.

Council Tax Advisors provide people with a multitude of services, starting from advice right through to mediating a case on your behalf. As experts of council tax, the advisors here are able to approach the situation with the delicate nature it deserves, ensuring that both parties are happy with the outcome of any negotiations made.

Ms Faulkner is now in a position where she feels uncomfortable living within the remit of her local council, and no one should feel that way, whether the circumstances were the result of poor management or simply a miscommunication, everyone deserves to feel at home, especially when they’ve been struggling, extra stress is the last thing you need.

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