Council Tax – Removing the Stigma

Council Tax arrears are now the main reason that people are seeking debt advice. With rising living costs and no sign of an adequate pay increase to match them, council tax is the main cause for concern amongst the British public.

There have recently been reports of a 17 per cent increase of people who are experiencing difficulty meeting the payments for their council tax, and one in five of that number reported to be in arrears. This increase, since April 2013, has occurred as a result of an inadequate support system being put into place following the removal of the council tax benefit by the coalition last year. Over 75% of English local councils demand contributions from all working-age households. This is regardless of income or circumstance.

What this highlights more than anything is that the stigma attached to council tax debts is no longer what it was. With the number of people seeking advice increasing by the day, and with everyone in the country being hit by greater charges, people should no longer feel embarrassed if they need help.

A lot of politicians from all sides would have you believe that the majority of people that struggle to meet council tax payments are unemployed. Unfortunately for them, that is not the case. In the recent report, only 28% of those seeking advice were listed as unemployed. More than anything it shows the problem is now not exclusive to those on income support. It now stretches to a large section of Britain’s workforce, too. Council Tax Advisors offer help and advice to all those affected, whatever their situation.

Where council tax arrears differs from other types of common debt issues, such as unsecured or credit card loans, is that it stems from a payment compulsory to the whole population. While many people suffer from other financial issues – something to be expected in these difficult times – council tax bills are often the ones that edge people into debt. The threat of local councils may not seem as severe as private credit companies but the unfortunate truth is that their repercussions are just as damaging.

This new shift in debt support has seen traditional advice outlets become increasingly overworked. Here at Council Tax Advisors we specialise in exactly that. Our group of consultants are experts in all issues that can arise from council tax issues. Even if you aren’t in arrears or haven’t missed a payment, but want to know the best ways to equip yourself to avoid trouble in the future make sure you contact us today. If you have missed payments and feel like you could be losing control of your finances, please remember we are here to help.

As the new leading cause for financial difficulty, here at Council Tax Advisors we offer the best in experience, advice and action.

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