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Have you been visited by a Rundle & Co bailiff due to unpaid Council Tax, Business Rates or a Benefit overpayment?

If you have, don’t panic, Council Tax Advisors are the leading not-for-profit organisation who specialise in helping people just like you stop bailiff action and set up affordable repayment plans, ensuring you retain your possessions and can get your life back on track.

So, how can Council Tax Advisors help you solve the problems you face with Rundle & Co Bailiffs?

  • We will speak to the Bailiff Enforcement Agent on your behalf
  • We will arrange for a temporary hold on Bailiff visits to be put in place
  • We will negotiate with your local council for you
  • We will arrange an affordable, sustainable repayment plan for you
  • We do all of this completed free of charge as we are Not-for-Profit Community Interest Company
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“Indeed for the first time I received letters from the council which were considerate. I thank them for all their professionalism and assistance in dealing with my matters. ”
H Singh

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With finances tight across the UK, cuts to support for the poorest households has taken a huge toll on low-income families, with council tax payments often one of the biggest problems for those whose income just isn’t enough to cover expenses including rent, bills or the mortgage. The economic situation has meant that funding for those most at risk of falling into council tax arrears has been reduced or removed altogether, and this has caused a huge problem for far too many vulnerable households.

Making your income stretch to everything is a challenge for most people, and failing to keep up with council tax payments can mean that honest families are being pushed into an ongoing spiral of debt. This, in turn, can lead to problems with bailiff visits, which adds stress and worry on top of that already burdening families, and the experience can be devastating for people, especially if they are experiencing the process for the first time. This is where Council Tax Advisors come in, offering helpful advice and guidance available to everyone.


You are not on your own. Council Tax Advisors advises over 100 people a day in your situation. Call us or fill in our form & we’ll call you.

If this applies to you and your situation, then it’s possible you have encountered Rundle & Co bailiffs recently. If this is the case, then it is important for you to seek advice from the right people. A Rundle & Co bailiff can operate on behalf of a wide range of companies, collecting fees, charges and council tax from residents who have fallen behind on payments. You may recently have heard about new regulations regarding these bailiffs but, while stricter rules do apply, it is important to remember that Rundle & Co bailiff services are still concerned with recovering payments for their clients above everything.

With professional advisors from Council Tax Advisors, you are always our top priority and our aim is to help you alleviate yourself of the stress of debt for good. We understand that the constant fear of bailiffs visiting your home can become a real burden and that’s why we are dedicated to providing a service that helps vulnerable families like yours to deal with the problems associated with bailiff companies such as the Rundle & Co bailiff company. When you are struggling with council tax debt, it can too often feel like there’s no one on your side but, with Council Tax Advisors, that’s no longer the case.


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Specific Local Advice

For help and advice with a specific Bailiff/Enforcement Agency, please select from the list below