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Have you been visited by a Phoenix bailiff due to unpaid Council Tax, Business Rates or a Benefit overpayment?

If you have, don’t panic, Council Tax Advisors are the leading not-for-profit organisation who specialise in helping people just like you stop bailiff action and set up affordable repayment plans, ensuring you retain your possessions and can get your life back on track.

So, how can Council Tax Advisors help you solve the problems you face with Phoenix?

  • We will speak to the Bailiff Enforcement Agent on your behalf
  • We will arrange for a temporary hold on Bailiff visits to be put in place
  • We will negotiate with your local council for you
  • We will arrange an affordable, sustainable repayment plan for you
  • We do all of this completed free of charge as we are Not-for-Profit Community Interest Company
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“Indeed for the first time I received letters from the council which were considerate. I thank them for all their professionalism and assistance in dealing with my matters. ”
H Singh

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With the economic climate in its current state and the cost of living seeming to sky rocket as the months go by it is becoming an ongoing battle for families all over the country to keep their finances in balance. When it feels you are buried under a mountain of unpaid bills one of the many monthly repayments that get put to one side are the ones for your council tax.


You are not on your own. Council Tax Advisors advises over 100 people a day in your situation. Call us or fill in our form & we’ll call you.

Not only are there continuous debates and deliberations on the fairness of band evaluations but also the composition of council tax bills are complex and often confusing. It is therefore understandable that homeowners all over the UK are struggling to keep up the balancing act. Unfortunately, when you let your council tax bills slip to the bottom of the pile then you are in danger of eventually having a visit from the bailiffs.

When you are already under a lot of pressure financially having a visit from the bailiffs for debt recovery can be the cause of much added stress and anxiety. In these situations it is often difficult to remain level headed about your options, especially when such options are not always made absolutely clear to you.

Council Tax Advisors - Council tax and debt advice

We will always provide Phoenix Commercial bailiff enforcement advice with your best interests at heart.

A well-known enforcement agency such as Phoenix Commercial Collections may arrive at your doorstep on your council’s behalf to recover unpaid debt. It is important to understand that bailiffs are a highly professional form of civil enforcement agents and are entitled to uphold a number of codes of practice whilst visiting your home. Although it is also key to understand that their success relies on recovery rates and their loyalty remains with their clients.

At a time when you may feel distressed and confused about the facts our aim is to assess your bailiff situations and we always do so from your side. When you feel like things are not being seen from your viewpoint we will listen to what you have to say in order to give you the best bailiff advice for dealing with agencies such as Phoenix Commercial Collections. We are here to alleviate the fear of debt collections by keeping you well informed on your rights and making sure you a briefed on best course of action. Our extensive experience of mediation will help both you and the debt collectors come to an agreeable arrangement for both sides.


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Specific Local Advice

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