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Have you been visited by a Constant & Co bailiff due to unpaid Council Tax, Business Rates or a Benefit overpayment?

If you have, don’t panic, Council Tax Advisors are the leading not-for-profit organisation who specialise in helping people just like you stop bailiff action and set up affordable repayment plans, ensuring you retain your possessions and can get your life back on track.

So, how can Council Tax Advisors help you solve the problems you face with Constant & Co?

  • We will speak to the Bailiff Enforcement Agent on your behalf
  • We will arrange for a temporary hold on Bailiff visits to be put in place
  • We will negotiate with your local council for you
  • We will arrange an affordable, sustainable repayment plan for you
  • We do all of this completed free of charge as we are Not-for-Profit Community Interest Company
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“Indeed for the first time I received letters from the council which were considerate. I thank them for all their professionalism and assistance in dealing with my matters. ”
H Singh

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Following the global recession of 2008, many people from so-called developed countries have struggled to make ends meet. The overall cost of living has proven to be just too much for some families to handle. It is far too easy for money problems to get the best of you with the accelerated cost of general necessities and various costs hitting your bank from a multitude of directions.

Council tax is often one of the final bills on your mind and with other bills taking priority sometimes council tax can slip by the wayside. Unfortunately this isn’t a good position to be in as Councils are required to chase after council tax payments even if that means hiring the likes of Constant & Co Bailiff services.

It wouldn’t be fair to depict either the council or bailiffs as the bad guys in this situation – they are simply doing the work that has been assigned to them. The situation isn’t ideal for anyone, and with council tax debts increasing the amount of stress that you are already under it can easily create negative tension. This tension can manifest into a negative situation and fuel anger that is directed at the wrong people. Sometimes it is best to let a third party intervene and mediate the situation to avoid any difficult scenarios.


You are not on your own. Council Tax Advisors advises over 100 people a day in your situation. Call us or fill in our form & we’ll call you.

Companies like Constant & Co Bailiffs are private repossession specialists who are hired by the council and private firms to recover debts, most often in the form of money. If bailiffs are refused money they are allowed to take items that equal the cost of the debt required. These are usually extreme circumstances and can be rectified long before that stage if the right actions are taken in time.

We pride ourselves on being able to take care of situations like this so that you are able to focus on the more important business of improving your financial stability. We don’t want you to stress out about your debts – we know that they are hanging over your head and that they cause you concern but we also want you to know that with our guidance you should be able to make it over this hurdle.

We know that things have been tough for the last few years, but things are getting better. It might not seem it if you’re looking at your current financial situation and seeing things in the negative, but once you’ve got us on side we can guide you towards the light. We’re here to offer you advice, mediate on your behalf and negotiate a payment plan that suits your situation.


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Specific Local Advice

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