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Have you been visited by a Collectica bailiff due to unpaid Council Tax, Business Rates or a Benefit overpayment?

If you have, don’t panic, Council Tax Advisors are the leading not-for-profit organisation who specialise in helping people just like you stop bailiff action and set up affordable repayment plans, ensuring you retain your possessions and can get your life back on track.

So, how can Council Tax Advisors help you solve the problems you face with Collectica?

  • We will speak to the Bailiff Enforcement Agent on your behalf
  • We will arrange for a temporary hold on Bailiff visits to be put in place
  • We will negotiate with your local council for you
  • We will arrange an affordable, sustainable repayment plan for you
  • We do all of this completed free of charge as we are Not-for-Profit Community Interest Company
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“Indeed for the first time I received letters from the council which were considerate. I thank them for all their professionalism and assistance in dealing with my matters. ”
H Singh

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Council tax is a priority bill for all of us, yet the debate over whether it is a regressive system shows no sign of ending. Questions over its fairness have been asked over the years but the financial hardship that many families are finding themselves in has brought them to the surface again recently. Salaries are stagnating while living costs are increasing, meaning that an increasing number of people are finding it difficult to meet their monthly repayments.

Falling into council tax arrears, particularly with the added pressure of other bills, is stressful experience and this is likely to be intensified if your local authority calls in bailiffs, such as Collectica Enforcement Services, to recover council tax debt. If this should happen to you, it is important to remember that help is at hand from Council Tax Advisors.


You are not on your own. Council Tax Advisors advises over 100 people a day in your situation. Call us or fill in our form & we’ll call you.

Collectica Enforcement Services is a nationwide enforcement agency that carries out debt recovery services on behalf of public sector and government bodies. They adopt a service based approach to council tax debt collection, designed to provide an equitable and transparent recovery process to both clients and debtors. As with all enforcement agencies, Collectica Enforcement bailiffs have boundaries which they must operate within, but they are a professional firm whose livelihood depends on their collection success rates so their priority will always lie in the recovery of debt for their client. Council Tax Advisors, on the other hand, is an independent advisory body set-up to provide those in arrears with the support they need.

Council Tax Advisors - Council tax and debt advice

We will always provide Collectica bailiff enforcement advice with your best interests at heart.

We have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to dealing with bailiff enforcement action and our experience of interacting with Collectica Enforcement bailiffs means that we can make a sound judgement call on what constitutes the best Collectica bailiff enforcement advice. Our support and guidance, which is always given after a careful evaluation of your specific circumstances, will give you the confidence and the necessary plan of action to amicably resolve your council tax dispute.

Receiving a visit from Collectica Enforcement bailiffs may be an intimidating experience and one that leaves you feeling like you are on your own. However, please be reassured that with the help of Council Tax Advisors you will have all the support you need through our Collectica bailiff enforcement advice.


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Specific Local Advice

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