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All our advice and practical help is free of charge. Council Tax Advisors are a Not for Profit community interest company specialising in council tax arrears and Bailiff enforcement matters.

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Andrew James Bailiff Advice

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Should I let a Andrew James bailiff / enforcement agent in my home?

When a Andrew James bailiff visits your home, it is not always appropriate to let them in. You don’t have to let the any bailiff into your home, even if they say that you do. The idea that bailiffs and enforcement agents have unlimited authority and that you must always do as they say has been born out of fear and rumour. They are not allowed to force their way into your home and must be invited in by you. Note that if you do allow a Andrew James bailiff to enter your home, they may begin claiming your possessions to offset the debt.

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What do I do if a Andrew James bailiff/ enforcement agent calls?

Don’t feel you have to open the door to a Andrew James bailiff or enforcement agent, as you can always communicate with them through a chained door, a window or even the letterbox. This may sound extreme but, as much of our bailiff advice will tell you, it’s important to protect yourself first and foremost. As long as you have sought bailiff advice on anything you are unsure of, then a working understanding of the rules and restrictions will help you determine the best course of action.

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What do I do if a Andrew James bailiff/ enforcement agent has entered my home?

Once you have granted a Andrew James bailiff peaceful entry once, they are permitted to re-enter when they return, so it is important to consider this decision carefully. If you do not wish an enforcement agent to enter, then you should bear this mind before opening the door to them. Even then, however, bailiffs can still take things from outside of your home, such as your car.


When can Andrew James bailiffs/ enforcement agents force entry?

Strictly speaking, bailiffs are never allowed to force their way into your home, but there are some instances in which the “reasonable force” rule applies. This includes when Andrew James bailiffs have been given a court order or when they have been granted peaceful entry by you on a previous occasion, but this still stops them from going to extremes such as pushing past you or breaking a window.

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