Are you in arrears with your Rent? If so, we can help!

The British housing market seems to become more expensive after each year passes and it is not just buying a property that prices many out. Renting, although a cheaper and perhaps more sustainable alternative, can be costly with landlords taking advantage of conditions. Whether you are a student or full-time employee, it can be difficult to afford this monthly charge particularly as living costs appear to be getting higher. Combining all of your outgoings can leave you in a difficult financial position, but don’t worry – we can help.

We recognise how challenging it is to live without financial worry in this day and age. Some people’s first instinct may be to take out a loan, but this will cost you a large percentage more with your repayments. Although the Financial Conduct Authority limited the powers of payday lenders in early 2015, the perils of falling into greater debts from using these companies are still rife. Unlike us they are motivated by making money instead of caring about the welfare of their clients. We offer free solutions for a range of debt causes so people can regain financial stability and get on with their lives.

Paying bills at the end of each month can be a stressful time with costs remaining high and wages, by and large, remaining the same. We realise how tough debt is, as we were established following our own experiences with bailiffs. Enforcement agents can increase the stress and strain that owing money brings, but contacting us is the first step in solving your money troubles. Rent arrears are more common than you might think. This charge takes a significant chunk out of people’s bank accounts and can leave people strapped for cash for a long period.

One effective way of solving your debt problems is by calling us at Council Tax Advisors. We are experienced at dealing with numerous cases involving debt and help clients regain confidence that took a hit after struggling to pay their rent. We work out affordable repayment plans that keep bailiffs away. If you wish to continue living in your home then the best thing to do is to call us – we are free and very trustworthy. Not many other reliable organisations can pledge these vital qualities.

There should be no shame in falling into debt, it happens to thousands of people. A quick and effective way of solving your rent arrears is not by visiting a payday company, but by talking to a member of our team at Council Tax Advisors. We are only motivated by restoring confidence to our clients and reviews tell us we are doing a decent job. The worst thing to do while in debt is to hope it will go away, talk to a helpful member of our team to sort out your rent arrears.

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You can get free debt advice from Money Helper,
an organisation set up by the government to offer free and impartial advice to those in debt. Just click the link above to find out more.

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