£600k saved for Cambridge taxpayers by city council fraud investigators

Cambridge City Council recently launched an investigation to crack down on fraudulent benefit claims and tax evasion. The figures that followed showed that the amount of cash saved by taxpayers has doubled.

A large number of housing fraud and benefit claims were terminated following the investigation, saving £185, 652 which otherwise would have unfairly been paid out. The amount recouped due to identification of resident error rose from £14,599 to £72,633. While £20,268 was saved last year after investigations resulted in council tax exemptions and discounts being removed.

When local councils begin cracking down on fraudulent benefit claims and tax evasion this can mean a great deal of added stress if you have outstanding council tax debt. Increased enforcement action in regards to tax means that you are more likely to have the bailiffs arriving at your door sooner, rather than later.

It can be easy at times like this to feel victimised by a system which seems unfair and unnecessarily harsh. It is imperative to remember that you are entitled to pay your council tax if you wish to receive the services which the council provides in your community. This includes transport, highways, police, fire, libraries, leisure and recreation, rubbish collection and disposal, environmental health and trading standards.

A problem which many councils are faced with in the current economic climate is that the cost of living is increased, consequently meaning that more citizens are unable to pay their council tax. This leads to a council tax increase for those who are able to pay, but gradually creates more and more people who cannot pay the increasing price and who subsequently fall in to council tax debt.

Unless you have a legitimate benefit claim, paying your council tax is one of those bills that you simply have to pay. If your council is making it harder for citizens to avoid paying their council tax, and you are one of those who pays efficiently, that means you are more likely to benefit from a council tax bill decrease.

If you are already in council tax debt and are having difficulty understanding and tackling your arrears, then by getting in contact with us today you will receive free and independent advice from one of our advisors. By getting in contact early we will be able to help you create an efficient repayment plan with your council. If this is executed successfully then you will be able to avoid the enforcement stage altogether. You don’t have to live in fear of the council’s sending bailiffs to your door, call us for free today to receive the support you need to make your repayments.

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