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Have you been visited by a Marston Group bailiff due to unpaid Council Tax, Business Rates or a Benefit overpayment?

If you have, don’t panic, Council Tax Advisors are the leading not-for-profit organisation who specialise in helping people just like you stop bailiff action and set up affordable repayment plans, ensuring you retain your possessions and can get your life back on track.

So, how can Council Tax Advisors help you solve the problems you face with Marston Group?

  • We will speak to the Bailiff Enforcement Agent on your behalf
  • We will arrange for a temporary hold on Bailiff visits to be put in place
  • We will negotiate with your local council for you
  • We will arrange an affordable, sustainable repayment plan for you
  • We do all of this completed free of charge as we are Not-for-Profit Community Interest Company
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“Indeed for the first time I received letters from the council which were considerate. I thank them for all their professionalism and assistance in dealing with my matters. ”
H Singh

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The average adult is faced with a number of monthly payments, from utility and phone bills to rent, mortgage and of course, council tax. In the current economic situation, balancing your outgoings is not always an easy task. Add to this the complexities that council tax can present and it’s no wonder people sometimes fall behind on their payments.

During times like this the last thing you need is the added stress of being chased by bailiffs. The strain and anxiety this brings only serves to make your problems worse. That’s why we provide free, practical advice on how to deal with the issue.


You are not on your own. Council Tax Advisors advises over 100 people a day in your situation. Call us or fill in our form & we’ll call you.

If you’ve found yourself in this situation recently, there’s a good chance you may have been contacted by Marston Group bailiffs. As the UK’s largest judicial services group, they recover a number of fees, ranging from congestion charges, to child support, criminal fines and council tax. With over 1,200 employees and clients, they also act on behalf of a wide range of people. This includes assisting one hundred and thirty five local authorities in collecting costs. Whilst the firm have ethical practices and guidelines to adhere to, naturally their priority lies with their client, whilst ours lies in helping you, seeing the situation from your point of view.

We’ve spent many years dealing with situations like this, which is why our knowledgeable and experienced team are in the best position to provide you with Marston Group bailiff enforcement advice. Having familiarised ourselves with organisations like this one, we can offer you guidance and support, whilst helping you reach a mutually beneficial solution.

Marston Group bailiffs work for businesses, individuals as well as for the government. If you’ve been contacted by them, you may be feeling under pressure financially or even intimidated, especially if it is something you have never experienced before. It can be difficult to know who to turn to at times like this, but we’re able to offer free advice on the matter. As well as educating you on your rights, we can instruct you on the best steps to take next.

We are even able to take action on your behalf to offer a professional mediation service, liaising with you, your council and the bailiffs involved. The benefit of this is that we have experience in the best ways to handle these situations, understanding the right people to talk to and how. It also protects you from the worry and hassle of dealing with people who you may feel are not on your side.


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Specific Local Advice

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