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With the stress of debts hanging over you the last thing you want to deal with is Bailiffs; they seem ruthless, unkind and unfair at a time of your life when really you need everything to be working in your favour.

The perception of dealing with bailiffs and bailiffs rights has been built up to a point where they seem like these demonic monsters with super powers granted to them by the government; this isn't exactly accurate.

It seems as though there has been a build up of rumour and misperception that has lead to the idea that bailiffs rights are stronger than they really are – even some bailiffs seem to believe these myths, quoting them to property owners as they attempt to gain forced entry to a property.

We are here to listen, help, reassure and resolve your Council Tax & Bailiff problems for free, just as quickly as we can.

We aim to dispel such myths about bailiffs rights with our free bailiff advice. Whether you are dealing with council tax bailiffs or private organisation bailiffs such as Jacobs Bailiffs or Rundles Bailiffs, we want to help you find a peaceful resolution to your problem. We can do that by providing free bailiff advice or stepping in on your behalf to mediate the case until a mutually beneficial solution has been reached.

Fill in your details and we’ll call you to discuss how we can help.

Council Tax Advisors CIC bailiff advice transparent image2 We are very experienced in dealing with a large number of Bailiffs firms, some of which are listed below:

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Andrew James Enforcement Andrew James Enforcement Bailiff Advice
Chandlers Bailiff Services Chandlers Bailiff Enforcement Advice
Confero Collection Services Confero Collection Bailiff Enforcement Advice
Dukes Bailiffs Enforcement Services Dukes Bailiff Enforcement Advice
Goodwillie & Corcoran Bailiffs Goodwillie & Corcoran Bailiff Enforcement Advice
JBW Bailiff Enforcement Services JBW Bailiff Enforcement Advice
Penham Excel Enforcement Bailiffs Penham Excel Bailiff Enforcement Advice
Rossendales Bailiff Services Rossendales Bailiff Enforcement Advice
Swift Credit Bailiff Services Swift Credit Bailiff Enforcement Advice
Bristow & Sutor Bailiffs Bristow & Sutor Bailiff Enforcement Advice
Collect Bailiff Services Collect Bailiff Enforcement Advice
Constant & Co Bailiff Services Constant & Co Bailiff Enforcement Advice
Equita Bailiffs Enforcement Services Equita Bailiff Enforcement Advice Birmingham and Nationwide
High Court Enforcement Group High Court Enforcement Group Bailiff Advice
Marston Group Bailiffs Marston Group Bailiff Enforcement Advice
Phoenix Commercial Collections Phoenix Commercial Bailiff Enforcement Advice
Rundle & Co Bailiff Services Rundle & Co  Bailiff Enforcement Advice
Task Enforcement Bailiffs Task Bailiff Enforcement Advice
CCS Enforcement Bailiffs CCS Bailiff Enforcement Advice
Collectica Enforcement Services Collectica Bailiff Enforcement Advice
DG Collection Bailiff Services DG Collection Bailiff Enforcement Advice
Excel Bailiffs Enforcement Services Excel Bailiff Enforcement Advice
Jacobs Bailiff Services Jacobs Bailiff Enforcement Advice
Newlyn Bailiffs Services PLC Newlyn Bailiff Enforcement Advice
Ross & Roberts Enforcement Bailiffs Ross & Roberts Bailiff Enforcement Advice
Sherforce High Court Enforcement Sherforce High Court Enforcement Bailiff Enforcement Advice
Whyte & Co Debt Recovery Whyte & Co Debt Bailiff Enforcement Advice
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Rights with Bailiffs

There is a huge misconception of what it is bailiffs rights allow bailiffs to get away with, this is partially because some bailiffs have a tendency to overstep their authority, but we also blame Hollywood. When you see Re-Con men in American films, it isn't quite an accurate representation of what a bailiffs rights are.

If you are concerned that a bailiff may visit your house soon it is best that you are suitably prepared for their visit, if you are it can give you a better idea of what line of action would be best for you to follow. We want to provide bailiff advice to you for free because we know that you've got enough on your plate already – we can also help you mediate your following dealings with the courts or the council to prepare the resolution of your debt.

Let's clear up the biggest myth first – you don't have to let bailiffs in to your home. You don't even have to open the door, in fact, we advise against it. If you know that there are bailiffs at your door we recommend that you hold your conversation with them from a first floor window or through your letter box. Whilst private organisation or council tax bailiffs aren't legally entitled to forcefully enter your home, we always suggest that you don't open the door to them because they could see this as an invitation to enter and we want to give them as little reason and incentive to enter as possible.

Whether they are council tax bailiffs or private bailiffs like those from JBW Bailiffs or Marstons Bailiffs, bailiffs council tax officers are not allowed to take necessities such as clothes, cooking appliances, furniture or work tools, they are however allowed to take luxury items such as TVs or stereos if you allow them entry into your home. It is also worth noting that bailiffs cannot take objects that belong to someone else, but if you do claim that something belongs to someone other than yourself you have to give evidence that will substantiate your claim.

Bailiffs aren't there to take your stuff. Shocked? Most people think that the sole purpose of a bailiff is that they confiscate items of value so that they may reimburse the debt owed, but the primary purpose of a bailiff is to obtain that debt, if they are unable to they are told to seek items of value. Because this is the case most people don't realise that you can pay your debt off when a bailiff visits, meaning they won't bother you further.

You can arrange a new payment scheme with a bailiff by offering to make realistic monthly or weekly payments, but they do have the option to turn down your offer of an arrangement. If you do pay your debt ensure that you receive a receipt as proof of payment and keep it in a safe place.

If you choose not to grant a bailiff access to your home they are at liberty to take things from outside of your home such as your car, so it might be prudent to leave your car at a friend's if you are expecting a visit.

How to Get Advice on Bailiffs

If you are seeking further bailiff advice on dealing with council tax bailiffs or private organisation bailiffs like Marstons Bailiffs or Jacobs Bailiffs then we are here to help. We know that dealing with bailiffs is stressful and we want to find a tailor made solution for you – if you are seeking further help, whether it be free bailiff advice or our professional mediation service, just give us a ring and we'll be right by your side.

Bailiffs council tax officers operate on the behalf of the council specifically collecting debts of council tax. We are capable of dealing with bailiffs council tax officers and can arrange services that deal specifically with council debts.


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Council Tax Advisors CIC very much appreciate any donations big or small.

To donate please call
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